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Nano infrared heater generates high heat by high-resistance wires which is reflected by quartz halogen heating tubes. It has high thermal efficiency, excellent energy-saving effect and quite low heater surface temperature. Following induction heating, it is another high energy-saving heating technology which is now widely used in plastic machines.
Product Features:
1. Improve electro thermal conversion rate – over 99.8% (nano carbon silicon material) .
2. Improve heat transmission efficiency (zero medium heat radiation, specific wave length infrared radiation).
3. Reduce heat loss (thick nano insulation layer).
4. Energy-saving rate: 30%-70%.
5. Surface temperature is around 50℃- significantly improves workshop environment.
6. Simple installation – just like installing normal resistance heaters.
7. SUS cover which is stable and long usage life.
Injection machine, blow filming machine, extrusion machine, wire drawing machine, granulating machine, etc.
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